Rural transitional housing for youth and affordable housing for young adults and families

by hopefulhousing,
Rural communities such as West Hants / Windsor area require transitional housing / emergency housing support for youth 15-24 who are put at risk when their family situations break down and are without a place to live. Without emergency and transitional housing in the communities a youth lives, we are setting youth up to become victims of sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, street violence, sexual assault, and otherwise to relocate their entire lives (drop out of school, leave the supports they may have, etc).

There is a shortage of housing and we would like to see more cooperative housing models and low income affordable housing, espeically for the hard to house. I think the province needs to step up and take responsibility of creating housing and not leaving it to not for profits that are typically underfunded and under resourced, unless the province will guarantee long term funding with adequate increases to properly maintain housing units and staff.

Host homes would be great but I have yet to see this model really meet the need, especially for the hard to house people.

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